Robot Root Beer

"It's Out of This World!"

The Story of Robot Root Beer

Meet AXLE the Robot - the mastermind behind Robot Root Beer!

For over 70 years he was locked in the basement of an old inventor, where he formulated a root beer recipe using whatever he could find in the old cellar. This years-in-the-making recipe finally came to light when Axle escaped and found his way to Don, the owner of a robotics firm. One night, while having dinner with Don and his family, Axle brewed up a batch of his unique root beer. Extremely impressed, Don encouraged Axle to share this fantastic beverage with the rest of the world. So, Axle set out on a journey, and discovered the perfect brewery to help him make more Robot Root Beer. Now, thanks to this relationship, you too have the chance to enjoy the out-of-this-world flavor of ROBOT Root Beer!

These following locations sell robot rootbeer!!

Quest Industrial
1313 16th Street
Monroe, WI 53566
2914 13th Street
Monroe, WI 53566
Franklin Grove, Etc
N7302 County X
Albany, WI 53502
Eagle Cave LLC
3213 Eagle Cave Road
Blue River, WI 53518